The Team


Seeing things before they happen is often wrote about in fictional stories, but we've already seen what to do, so you could say we know this story!
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Be Seen

Our marketing team will help your audience find you, whether online or in person, let us put you on the map! Contact us today, or request a quote.

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Imagination is used to create an idea, tools are used to turn that idea into a work of art, this design is used to solve a problem visually.
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Problem Solvers

Our creative team can solve the problems you have, and we will make you look good in the process! Contact us today, or request a quote below.

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You could have all the ability and knowledge in the world, but without applying that power correctly it is not likely that you will get very far!
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Can Do!

Our team loves a challenge, and tackling projects is exactly what we love to do! Let's get started now! Contact us today, or request a quote.

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We have assembled a super team of coders, designers, writers, and affiliates from around the globe to gracefully complete each project, whether its for small businesses or large corporate clients. We are fun to work with, demand excellence, and will settle for nothing less! Join our team today, simply Contact us today and let Macrodo start to create results for you!

The History


It all began way back in 1998, a few friends set out to learn and develop skill sets all their own, yes they were off to college! A few years later these friends had graduated with varying degrees and had built up a portfolio working for several companies and building a long list of clients. They always talked about having their own firm one day, and in 2008, they finally decided to join forces as Macrodo Marketing & Design. Later incorporated in 2011 under our parent company Macrodo LLC, these friends showed what is possible when you don't just chase your dreams, but rather will them into becoming a reality! These friends are our founders Steve, Dave, and Shawn, they set out to accomplish a goal, and achieved it by assembling a diversely skilled team with a can do attitude and the skills to back it up!

We strive for excellence, have a long history of making our clients happy, and would love to add YOU to that list!

The Mission


A pretty design means nothing if it does not help to improve conversion rates or bring in more business. That is why we concentrate on designing creative solutions and marketing campaigns, that are focused on achieving the goals specific to each of our clients needs. We'd love to be YOUR creative team, standing by your side to make sure you always look good, and have all the tools you need to keep your business running smoothly. We can handle your web presence, your prints, marketing campaigns, and more!

Ultimately, our mission is your success, if you succeed than we succeed! It's really just as simple as that!